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    Everything Must Come to An End
    and I will watch it’s demise

    It has been three years since the latest incident in Manhattan. A group of heroes teamed up together and fought off an invasion. This team consisted of Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye, they called themselves The Avengers.

    With the world once again at ease the team parted ways to wait until their combined might would be needed once more. Thor returned home to Asgard with his brother Loki and the cube, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner began to work together on various inventions at Stark Enterprises, Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton returned to duty as S.H.I.E.L.D agents while Steve Roger’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

    The country and even the world itself has returned to a calm and almost peaceful existence. While criminals do rear their heads they are easily placed back in their place by the heroes who still live among us, but there is something strange brewing on the horizon.

    The X-men find themselves two team members short and without a leader. Ororo Munroe has taken over as the Headmistress to the school helping to teach younger mutants who walk through the doors. The Older students have stayed to help teach the younger mutants and fight to protect Charles Xavier’s dream of Human and Mutant coexistence. Logan has returned to the manor after travelling abroad for a few years and now a man has appeared with Doctor Moira McTaggert claiming to be Charles Xavier.

    Aftershock from the Mandarin’s attack is still echoing throughout Stark Industries right up to Tony himself. With the help of Bruce, acting as a psychologist, Tony is trying to understand things a bit better, perhaps even the guilt he feels for Pepper having been hurt. Now with Tony’s old RT Node placed in her chest to keep a piece of shrapnel from piercing her heart Pepper has taken on the role of Rescue to fight alongside Iron Man, though Tony has no knowledge of her own identity yet.

    With Loki’s betrayal and plan to help the invasion of Midgard he was returned to his home realm of Asgard only to be placed under imprisonment. He has since been declared deceased, with Odin standing on the throne actively, and Thor having declined the throne for favor of Midgard.

    Due to the sudden reappearance of Hydra from its very midst and the release of top-secret files by Natasha Romanoff, S.H.I.E.L.D. has all but dissolved; at least, as far as the public is aware. The organization still exists in the shadows, doing what they can to continue their work, and is now being led by Phil Coulson, with Maria Hill helping as she can from her place as a part of Stark Enterprises. Nick Fury is presumed dead, the final victim of the nameless assassin known only as the Winter Soldier, who has also gone off the grid though Steve Rogers is intent on finding the man who may well be his long-lost friend Bucky Barnes.

    In the midst of all this came trouble in the form of a rogue AI, created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner with the aid of Loki’s scepter, found in the hands of the Hydra leader Baron Strucker. This AI, Ultron, attempted to begin the sudden eradication of mankind in a misguided belief that doing such would be the best way to save the world as it was meant to do. In the process a pair of twins, Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, were thrown into chaos and the spotlight, the one ultimately joining the Avengers and the other assumed dead, a casualty of the final battle against Ultron in Sokovia.

    An additional result of Ultron’s brief war against mankind was the artificial lifeform known only as the Vision. An AI given physical body, with the Infinity Stone of Mind embedded in his forehead, the Vision is - along with Wanda the Scarlet Witch, Sam Wilson the Falcon, and Rhodey “War Machine” Rhodes - a part of the new corps of Avengers under the tutelage of Captain America. And not a moment too soon.

    Around the country there has been an increase in crime, an occurrence without any apparent cause. While many of these crimes start out as petty they soon begin to evolve into something more serious. There are a few of these criminals in S.H.I.E.L.D custody; those who have not died when the police came after them. All of the three they have managed to capture and interrogate have given different answers with a very similar underlying meaning. One spoke of the reason he committed perjury and then finally murder because his victims were trying to destroy his reputation. The other, a female, spoke of her theft and then double murder as her way of getting all the pleasure that she needed and the last spoke of all of his thefts as a need to have and partake in everything that could be offered.

    With all of these strange situations happening throughout the country tension has begun to rise in very prominent places but an exact threat has not been identified even if there is a threat at all. Will the world continue to turn as it always has, cycle after cycle some cleaning away what is viewed as unnecessary or is there a greater power behind this outbreak of passion crimes that has yet shown itself fully? Only time while tell.

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